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Tea Brewing Instructions

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These are general instructions and guidelines. Experiments with the steeping time , water temperature  and amount of tea leaves . All different brand tea leaves are different . Always brew tea in a closed pot or cup .



How to make caffeine free tea at home !!

Caffeine free tea is, take the caffeine out from the tea,that is very obvious. But how to do that ? In a professional set up manufacturer wash the tea with chemicals or use different processing methods  to remove  caffeine from the tea.  As a tea lover I  never like store bought caffeine free tea. We never sell…
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Right Tea for Weight Loss

Choosing the Right Tea for Weight Loss For those who are concerned with their weight, black tea and green tea with its caffeine can be the best bet.  The anti oxidants and caffeine in tea can potentially boost your efforts to lose weight. Tea also brings along a series of other health benefits.  Decreased levels…
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Health Benefits — Tea with lemon\honey

Comparatively, tea is a healthy alternative to soda and coffee. Lemon is packed with antiseptic properties and vitamin C by Mother Nature and honey constitutes the energy booster from nature. Thus, tea with Lemon and Honey brings along a wide range of health benefits. The health benefits apart, this herbal tea also has a sweet…
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