White tea is the best !

If you are just started drinking tea or you been drinking tea for long time but suddenly start worrying about the high caffeine content in the regular black, green and oolong tea. You should start drinking "White tea".Try to avoid decaffeinated tea they are more processed.  The best reasons to drink white tea are, 

  1. White tea in general has the least caffeine  content among all other naturally caffeinated teas
  2. White tea is  highly  cancer preventive. With balance diet white tea can prevent many cancers.
  3. Help control high blood pressure
  4. White tea has the highest antioxidant
  5. Among all other real tea,black,green, oolong tea, white tea is less processed and many more 

White tea is generally very mild in taste and after brewing it gives a very light yellow cup of tea. You can try plain white tea, do not have much flavor of it's own or naturally flavored white tea with tangerine, white tea melon ideal for summer as ice tea.What about white tea with cinnamon and roasted nut. Most popular white teas are "white tea silver pearl,white tea peony, white silver needles.

                 White tea picture

White tea with Tangerine                         White tea spice dream            white tea after brewing



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