Big company monopoly in US

Starbucks monopoly in coffee retail leasing in our country. Lawsuit filed by a company . This is not only true for coffee leasing they do the same for tea leasing also. I want to have a tea retail joint where people can walk in  and taste hot and cold teas before they buy.People start enjoying tea in US like rest of the world knowing tea is good for health and it tastes good too. Most retail leasing agents told me I am not allowed to have a hot brewing tea store in any plaza or any location where there is a Starbucks most leasing agents has exclusivity agreement signed with them. Can you believe that ! This  is not only true  for tea  or coffee for every small businesses situation is same. Every US President is talking about small business growth. How small businesses will survive that way.

In  USA business communities do not follow any business school's theory;)In business school we read if there are same type of businesses located in a same area more competition means more sales for all small or big businesses. For example in India you might have observed all tiles stores or all jewelry stores all specialty stores situated in a same location it has a huge advantage but in USA it's completely opposite. I heard from other small business owners if there is a Gaint ,Safeway, Wegmans etc. big grocery chain they won't allow any other small ethnic grocery stores, other small coffee\tea retail store in the same plaza. As a customer I feel like it  would have been more convenient,time consuming and beneficial (car gas \ mileage wise)  if next to Safeway\Gaint there is exclusive tea or coffee retail store or ethnic grocery store. While I am doing my groceries in Safeway\Gaint if I do not find my favorite tea\coffee or some special ethnic spices I will just walk to the other stores and buy it from there I do not have to drive from place to place. Why Exclusivity clause is even necessary in the leasing term are we scared of competitions?

Just a thought I know nothing is going to change!


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