Tea in USA

Philly Tea and coffee show Sahpat teas

I was sampling and selling my teas as our brand”Sahpat teas” in “Tea & Coffee festival, Philly” on Nov 3-4 ,2013. I was sold out few hours before the show ends. Tea lovers & customers told me ( I wish I had recorded their conversations for proof ) they have not tasted anything like that before anywhere  in USA. Despite having 40 other tea exhibitors in the show few visitors told me my teas are “Real Deal”, I was flattered.

After seeing huge positive responses from 15 yrs old – 75 yrs old American tea drinkers I am convinced, American people like good tasting tea! As a tea retail business owner we should know how to make a perfect cup of tea. Just dropping a teabag in hot water is not tea at all. So far “Tea” is introducing in US as health drink. I am surprised many people asked me can you add sweetener, cream to tea? People who liked coffee with lot of sweetener and heavy cream (that’s why Starbucks is getting so big ) how they can like naturally little bitter tea with nothing in it ? That’s the main reason why tea is not able to compete with other beverages in US. By serving them tasty teas We should be able to convinced American people that tea is  tasty and healthy alternatives to coffee and sugar flooded juices and energy drinks. But how can we do that? In most of the cities and urban areas there are lot of exclusivity from big grocery store like Wegmens and Starbucks is always there to kill small coffee, tea, bakery businesses. Anybody has any solutions for that?

I like to invite you all from NY,PA,MA area to come and taste our teas in “Coffee & tea Festival , NY in March 22-23,2014


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