How much you should know about tea

In many blogs,many discussion boards and magazines people are talking too much about "knowledge of tea" is necessary to drink tea. Which is not always true. Some knowledge is always good  but not necessary to be a tea drinker. For me as a life long tea lover  and tea drinker for 40 years I drink tea everyday because I like the taste of it and I know any kind of "TEA" is good for health in many ways but moderation is always advisable. All we need to know about tea is,

  1. Tea contains less caffeine compared to regular coffee and
  2. Tea is rich  in anti oxidant which is good for health 
  3. If you consume fish and tea everyday it might keep you look younger 
  4. Green and white tea is highly  cancer preventive.

In general US people  are not tea drinker.We need to develop the taste of it first. To develop the taste we have to try all kind of teas and stick to those teas we like the most and at the same time healthy too. Many people want to know how to make good tea it again depends on how you like your own cup of tea it's completely upto you.  There are no hard and fast rule. But few  general rule we need to keep in mind while making tea

  1. Try not to add milk to your   plain Green tea and Fruit Tisanes.  
  2. Making tea by boiling milk, tea and sugar is not as healthy as regular teapot brewing tea. It might loose tea's good benefits  upto some extent and upset your stomach if you consume it everyday . 

Replace your few regular drinks with Tea you will be benefited in many ways! 



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