Right Tea for Weight Loss

Choosing the Right Tea for Weight Loss

For those who are concerned with their weight, black tea and green tea with its caffeine can be the best bet.  The anti oxidants and caffeine in tea can potentially boost your efforts to lose weight. Tea also brings along a series of other health benefits.  Decreased levels of bad cholesterol, lower risk of heart ailments, and certain types of cancers are among the major health benefits that you can get from tea. However, these values change with different teas and choosing the right tea in combination with well rounded diet plan is the best way to shed that unwanted flak in a healthy way.

Black Tea

Among the most popular kinds of tea is the black tea and is a common beverage that people in most parts of the world enjoy. Weight maintenance benefit from this has been remarkable. “Eating behaviors” an academic journal concludes in its 2009 review that regular consumption of tea promotes lower weight gain over a period of time. The review points out that caffeine in tea is partially responsible for the influence on weight while other components in tea also make a contribution to weight management.

Catechin Rich Green Tea

 The Catechin rich green tea is another way to achieve weight loss naturally. “The Journal of Biochemistry” in its 2011 review states that consuming 270 to 1,200 milligrams of catechins everyday can reduce boy fat and weight. About 235 milligrams of catechins are contained in in a 6 ounce cup of green tea. Therefore multiple cups of green tea every day is essential to achieve the weight loss goals set by you.

 Home Brew Provides Best Results

 Compared to processed or bottled tea, brewing your tea at home is the best way. Bottled tea often comes with added sweeteners which in turns enhances your calorie intake and that is bad news for your weight loss regimen. Processed teas also come with lower percentage of elements that are beneficial to your health and weight loss program. The catechins are at their best when you steep the tea for about 5 minutes.

Optimize Tea Consumption

You can easily substitute other beverages like juice, soda, smoothies, lattes etc. with brewed tea with no added sugar. Remember that a spoonful of sugar can add about 50 calories to your diet. During every weight loss regimen, including tea in the diet alongwith vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains can easily optimize your benefits during the weight loss program. Decaffeined varieties of tea are also available to those who are sensitive to caffeines. Since they are still rich in catechins and anti oxidants, you need not be afraid of side effects like loss of sleep or an upset stomach.





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