Black tea processing

There are two main black tea processing methods:

CTC cut, tear and curl. Generally gives a strong cup of tea. High percentage of Indian people use this tea for their regular cup of tea. Perfect to make spice tea or "Chai" with milk, sugar or any sweetener. This tea is generally price less. For any type of teas either green, black or white if tea leafs are broken price is always go down. Full leaf tea always more pricier than broken leaf teas.

Orthodox tea full long leaf or slightly broken leaf black teas. they are hand rolled or machine rolled. It brew light generally. If you boil it with water for quite sometime it can be strong but not as strong as CTC tea. Ideally this tea taste good without milk. If you want to enjoy this tea with milk you can mix CTC tea leafs to this tea. 2:1 ratio.


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