Masala Tea

As winter is approaching we feel like drinking more hot tea. How to make a perfect hot cup of  spice black tea with  cream.

As we all know  spices like cardamon, Cinnamon, cloves, bay leafs,pepper corns ,ginger  are good for health(same mantra always in moderation ). If you buy ready made spice tea sometime you get that exact spice blend you are looking for but many times you do not. Many  pre-packed teas lost it aroma over time.  That's the reason you should buy tea from small tea store that way you get the exact taste of tea. Because they pack it for you after you order unlike big tea company by the time you get the tea it's already many months or many years old in packet.

Back to preparing spice tea in your own home. Blend your favorite dry spices small portion( spice looses it's aroma very quickly) in a coffee grinder and keep it in a small air tight tin container and keep it in a  dark place.

For most of the time perfect spice blend for spice tea is , cardamon,cinnamon, cloves,peppercorn, ginger power or fresh ginger smashed or cut into small pieces. Best thing about making your won spice is you can add your favorite spice more. I like more cinnamon in my spice tea so I add lot of cinnamon while I am making my spice blend.

Method 1:

Most convenient  and no mess way to prepare your loose leaf   black tea is in a  regular very basic coffee maker. In the coffee filter add your black tea (depending on how strong tea you want) for 2 cups I add  3 big teaspoons tea and 1 tea spoons of your spice blend and mix it well . After brewing your tea add fresh milk. Again if you want little thick creamy tea before you add milk to your tea boil the milk or if you want aromatic but not thick tea just add room temperature milk and low fat milk.

Method 2: To get the maximum spice flavor in your tea(like Indian restaurant's spice tea) , in a small saucepan add milk ,for 2 cups of teas add 2 cups of milk  ( full fat milk is preferred but can use zero fat milk or can use half and half.If  you use  heavy milk  you will need more loose tea leafs)  and let it boil .  Once milk start boiling add tea leafs ( 3 tea spoons for full fat   2 cups of milk) and 1 tea spoon spice mix you made and let them boil for few more minutes until you see nice tea color coming and turn the heat off and cover it for 1-2 minutes let the tea and spice aroma marry well. Strain it and serve it hot.

Thought of the day :

If you want to develop the taste of tea (keeping health benefits in mind) or want to enjoy a cup of  real tea as a tea drinker for life I would say please do not buy too cheap tea. Tea is never too cheap either in India  China, Sri lanka,Japan ,US or Europe anywhere in the world because tea processing  is very labor intensive starting from plucking to processing . If you are getting tea for cheap means they are not good tea.





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