How to make Iced Tea

 Ice TeaIf there is one effective way of beating the summer heat, it is by having a soothing cup of iced tea. It is nothing but a type of cold tea which is served with ice. You can hear a lot about it on American television shows and it can be said to be a delectably refreshing beverage which is a much better alternative than canned sodas which are packed with sugar. Before you go about making your cup of the rejuvenating beverage, here are some helpful tips concerning the same:

  • For faster and colder iced tea, the tea could be put in the freezer at least one or two hours before making the beverage.
  • You should not brew the beverage in a coffee maker as is done in majority of restaurants. This is because it can alter the taste which is not very desirable.
  • 50% more leaves than what is required for making hot tea have are required in this case because it is important to make sure the melting ice does not dilute the flavor easily.
  • A couple of semi-crushed mint leaves could be added to the preparation at the time of cooling in order to give it a minty and light flavor.
  • A squeeze of lemon could also be added to turn it into a lemon iced tea. Or if you want something different, you can also opt for a couple of lemon myrtle leaves.
  • For sweetening the beverage, make use of agave nectar. It is a much better option than honey or sugar because agave gets dissolved in cold liquid easily unlike the other two.
  • Ginger can be added for extra taste.

Now, let us have a look at the process of making it:

  • Make a brew with the help of four cups of filtered water and four teabags. The leaves should not be stirred for more than five minutes so that they do not become bitter. Anything from the usual black tea to its green variant could be used in this case.
  • Next, place four cups of filtered cold water and one cup of sugar in a big jug. Continue stirring it till the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Now, the brew has to be poured into the mixture of water and sugar and stirred well. The hot beverage should always be added to the cold water so that the finished drink does not become cloudy.
  • The preparation should be allowed to cool completely before serving it over ice in glasses. Mint springs can prove to be a really smart garnish.

So, from now onwards, you can battle the summer heat much more effectively with the help of iced tea.


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