How to make caffeine free tea at home !!

Caffeine free tea is, take the caffeine out from the tea,that is very obvious. But how to do that ? In a professional set up manufacturer wash the tea with chemicals or use different processing methods  to remove  caffeine from the tea.  As a tea lover I  never like store bought caffeine free tea. We never sell caffeine removed tea(i.e black tea, green tea, white tea, Oolong )  at . Naturally caffeine free tea like herbal tea, rooibos tea those are  different. Those are not  real tea. I am talking about real tea "camellia sinensis" from where White, Black,Green and Oolong tea comes from.

How to make your  regular tea caffeine free at home:

When you brew your tea , first few seconds of brewing  has the maximum caffeine content. So when you are pouring boiling water over  tea leaves or tea bags do not pour whole cup just pour enough to submerged the tea leaves and tea bag(s). Leave it for few seconds and throw that liquid tea. Now you pour water upto the amount you want to drink .You have now removed most of the caffeine from your Black, Green, White and Oolong  cup of tea.  Or if you want to have full caffeine tea in the morning(like me) and caffeine free tea in the afternoon that is easy do not throw your tea leaves or tea bags from morning brew. Re brewing that tea just by pour boiling water to have "caffeine free"  tea. This caffeine free tea is more tastier than store bought caffeine free tea.

Always keep in mind "tea caffeine" is not  unhealthy at all. Tea prepared from real tea leaf  "Camellia Sinensis",is the most healthiest drink after water .One cup of tea has far less caffeine content than one cup of coffee . Yes 10-15 cups strong (8 oz) tea  may be bad for  some people.  Too much of anything  is not good for health.

By using this method we can have less processing tea at factory level. Less processing food is the key to health.



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