Green Tea — Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease & More

Organic Premium Sencha Green TeaGreen tea  has a great global reputation as a popular beverage. But, in recent times it has also carved out a niche among the health conscious community for the multiple advantages this simple product brings along. Yes, by simply adding Green tea to your daily routine, you can keep the doctor and the drugs at bay on various counts. Now a days green tea supplements are every where but you are not 100 % sure what's in there exactly so go natural and use loose leaf green tea . The following are among your benefits,

1. Interrupting Alzheimer’s Disease

University of Leeds has established that ECGC (Purified extract of epigallocatechin -4-gallate an antioxidant) obtained from green tea disrupts clumps of harmful protein from attaching themselves to the brain cells causing death of the harmful cells and interrupting the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.. Though the study was based on purified extracts obtained from green tea, by simply drinking green tea you can expect similar benefits.

2. Lower Risk of Getting Strokes

According to a report in “Stroke journal of the American Heart Association” on a Japanese study of 83,000 adults surveyed higher consumption of green tea by the participants over 13 years the incidence of stroke has been less.  The study has pointed out that consuming 4 cups of green tea a day can reduce stroke risk by a good 20%.    

3. Eye Diseases Can be Prevented

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has published a study demonstrating the effectiveness of EGCG occurring in green tea in the prevention of eye diseases when EGCG is absorbed by the retina, lens and similar eye tissues. Thus, the overall integrity of the eye is protected to prevent growth of malignant cancer cells.

4. Helpful in Blocking Lung Cancer

Taiwan’s Chung Shan Medical University’s research demonstrates that a minimum of one cup green tea consumed a day can bring down the risk of lung cancer. The study further indicates that non smokers not using a minimum of one cup green tea per day are 5 times more prone to developing lung cancer.

Organic Green Tea Mango5. Prevents Leukemia

.Some of the compounds contained in green tea are helpful in preventing leukemia according to a study by Mayo Clinic. The researchers achieved significant improvement in the condition of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients by administering 400 and 2,000 milligrams EGCG 2 times every day. A 2004 study further states that EGCG in fact can eliminate leukemia cells!

6. Memory Enhancer

China’s Third Military Medical University reaffirms that EGCG can regenerate brain cells and improve memory. The research points out that while green tea drinkers generally tend to be healthy, green tea is a major component that influences memory. Brain cell regenration while improving memory also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Thus, this simple but effective every day beverage can impact your general well being in more ways than what has been mentioned above. Another major benefit is that green tea does not bring along any harmful side effects. 


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