Amazing Facts about Green Tea Matcha

The immense health benefits it comes with, levels it as a magical tea, and it fights cancer, helps to burn the body fat, which is why it is also termed as a natural health supplement.

Green Tea Matcha is known to be the utmost of quality powered green tea available in the market today. The evergreen, ancient Matcha tea of Japanese tradition comes with nutrient rich tea leaves and these powerful leaves have been cautiously picked from the precious Camellia sinensis plant.

Basically this tea is different from the other forms of tea available in the market because they are well stemmed, then steamed and then de-vined before it gets converted into powdery form. The Green Matcha tea is one that’s filled with optimum health benefits and this is why is known to be the super most powerful food in the market today.

Organic Green Tea Matcha Power

There are immense reasons why you can enjoy Matcha green tea and make it a daily drink supplement for yourself and your family. Yes you have already come across this several times, but yet again, antioxidants work wonders and are magical nutrients and they help the body against destructive ultra-violet rays. It gives your skin glow.One amazing fact about Matcha tea is one of the chief sources of anti-oxidant and is five times more powerful booster than any other food.

The goodness does not end there. You know that there are different kinds of green tea and each one of them generate anti-oxidant in different level. Catechins are a very influential and beneficial element and are one of the most powerful of anti-oxidants with goodness. There is about 60% of catechin present in this tea which has been widely appreciated and known for its tremendous combating properties.

Organic green tea powderThere are many Buddhist monks who use Green Matcha tea for its soothing and relaxing properties and provide one with the energy to meditate with higher concentration. L-Theanine is an enzyme which is present in this nutritious Matcha Green Tea which helps the brain to generate powerful alpha waves which soothes a person without the property of drowsiness.

Even children have been permitted to persistently continue with the intake of this miraculous healthy tea because it has been very useful and steady boosting one’s memory. It also helps one to focus and enhance their concentration level. Due to the presence of L-Theanine enzyme, it improves one’s memory, endorses and promotes higher absorption level, which has been productive for both elders and children.


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