Green tea is Anti Aging !!

I found this amazing article in doctorhelps ¬† site . I'm 40 years old. My 13 years old daughter always complaint I look like her sister not her mother sometime she wants me to look like her mother too ūüėČ After reading this article , I'm thinking ¬†may be I know the reason. I been drinking ¬†3 to 4 servings ¬†of ¬†green tea a day and 2-3 cups of black teas for many many years . My most favorite green tea for ¬†everyday ¬†use is¬†Green Tea Sencha¬†, for mango lover ¬†Green tea Mango¬†is ¬†exceptionally¬†fresh¬†tasting¬†tea. They are both smooth, sweet ¬†and not bitter like some ¬†other green teas¬†. I ¬†rarely drink¬†¬†coffee. But I can not resist drinking holiday flavored coffee during holidays ¬†like ginger bread, pumpkin spice ;).Drinking ¬†Coffee in moderation is good ¬†but I prefer tea as I¬†grew up¬†drinking tea only.

The original article , "Best anti-aging benefit of the antioxidants in green tea is that they can effectively combat the free radicals damaging the neurotransmitter cells in the brain. This allows for the prevention of nervous system diseases associated with aging, such as Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease. One study has shown that regular consumption of beverages containing caffeine, such as green tea, can provide for the reduction of the risk of Parkinson's disease by 80%.

There is strong scientific evidence that the green tea antioxidants are effective for cancer prevention. The people who consume this product are less anywhere between 30% and 50% less likely to suffer from diabetes. They can also reduce the risk of liver damage and conditions such as liver cirrhosis.

By consuming green tea, you will remain beautiful as well. The powerful antioxidants prevent the damage of skin cells by the harmful rays of the sun and by aging. In turn, your skin will be more elastic, smoother, softer and more radiant."

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 Drink  Tea and Stay healthy ! 


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