Green tea has no taste

Some people say how good green tea is for health they can not drink plain green tea because it has no flavor at all. I agree completely. To get maximum benefits of green teas you should drink naturally flavored green tea. One of our customer gave me this idea. While brewing regular green tea just drop one roll of "Green tea Jasmine dragon pearl" your green tea will have fresh natural jasmine flavor. 2 oz Jasmine tea if you keep it in a tin close container it will stay fresh and lasts forever. Organic green tea Jasmine dragon pearl

You can also try,

Hibiscus Herbal Tea Chamomile tea

1) 1\4 tea spoon of hibiscus teas while brewing green tea loose leaf.
2) Two small flowers of Chamomile tea while brewing green tea
both works very well.

NOTE: While brewing green tea or any tea, always boil the water first either in microwave or cattle then add the tea leaves or tea bag.


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