Fancy tea packaging or delicious tea ??

I want to ask tea lover and tea collectors and tea drinker  why fancy tea packaging is so important  during holiday time??

People are looking for very very fancy tea packaging to give gifts to their friends and families. Unless you pay cost of fortune do you think you are getting quality and fresh tasting  teas in those packages ? No. Because knowing I am a tea lover, tea collector  and tea drinker for life people give me those tea gifts a lot.By trying those once I simply throw them away because those teas  inside those boxes do not taste like tea at all.

The main reason is most of those fancy tea packages are done in bulk packaging  and imported you never know how long ago they were packed.

So in my tea store I never keep those fancy typical prepacked tea gift packs. Once people order than we make custom packages with adding new and fresh tasting teas inside. That way your gifts will look  unique from outside and teas inside taste good and fresh and people will enjoy your gift for long time . In USA you can still order your gift pack within $20 we can make them ready and deliver before 24th DEC. Our sample gift packs



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