Different Ways of Enjoying Black Tea

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Black tea is a full bodied, unusual beverage for those who have never tried it before. However, there are various different ways in which it can be enjoyed. Tea enthusiasts around the world generally make their tea the same way. However, it is also true that in every country and region, tea preparation methods differ and black tea is versatile enough to be enjoyed in multiple ways.

Favorite methods to enjoy black tea

Black tea is generally steeped with hot water and milk in India. In United Kingdom, most people like to steep their black tea quite strong with a sweetener such as honey or sugar and milk for added taste. In North America, most people generally microwave a cup of water to brew their tea. However, a growing number of Americans today opt for loose tea instead of tea bags.

Easy black tea blending

If you do not like the plain black tea make your own easy blend.  One easy blend will be add 1/4 tea spoon luxurious black earl gray tea to a 1 tea spoon plain black tea to enjoy  a luxurious cup of black  tea latte  with creamer and sugar. For light cup of  black  tea drop a freshly cut lemon or orange slice in to your hot cup of black tea.   Add sweetener  if you want  NO Milk. For ginger lover add  some freshly  grated ginger to your  black tea. Chocolate lover drop few semi sweet chocolate morsels to your hot black tea. Enjoy as chocolate tea latte with sugar and creamer. If you know how to make a perfect cup of plain black tea, flavor options are unlimited just use your imagination.

Basic information on black tea

One of the first things you'll notice is that black tea varies in color from black to reddish brown. An interesting fact is that as it ages, the flavor develops even more. For storing black tea the right way, it should be placed in a well ventilated location. However, temperature doesn't really matter. Generally black tea is formed in tube like, square or round cakes. The taste and smell of black tea largely depends on the location where it is harvested. This is one of the reasons why flavor and scent tends to significantly vary in every region.

Black tea is enjoyed all over the world today because of the many therapeutic benefits that it offers. In China, black tea drinkers are protected from various degenerative illnesses and cancer. In fact, black tea drinkers are known to enjoy better health compared to those who do not drink tea.

Fun ways of enjoying black tea

There are several enjoyable ways of drinking black tea. For example, a tea tasting party for friends and family is a great way to try different types of black tea and introduce others to the many benefits of this beverage. Another idea is to plan a dinner party based on the cuisine of the country from where you are serving your black tea. The possibilities are endless as long as you are creative.

Once you start consuming black tea on a regular basis, you will discover that this beverage soothes and calms your body and your mind.




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