Drink tea

Tea is good for health it has 5000 years of proven history!
But study shows that when you drink tea in a regular day to day basis you should follow some rules.

1) If we drink black tea without cream and green tea without lemon or honey we should drink between meals like with lunch and with dinner or with any heavy meal. The reason is our body can not absorb Iron from your food if we drink black tea and plain green tea in nearly empty stomach.Drinking tea between meals is very very good for your health. I read in a article it is always good to have any hot drink with our regular heavy meal instead of cold drink.

2) We can drink black tea with cream and green tea with drop of lemon juice any time of the day. So if you want to replace few cups of teas with coffee during the day time don't forget to add a tea spoon full of cream to your black teas and a drop of lemon juice to your green tea. For other teas like Rooibos, Honeybush,herbal and fruit tea you do not need to worry, technically they are not tea at all but they are equally good because are herbal drink 🙂

Note: Do not completely follow what I wrote. In general before you follow anything you read in the internet always do more research or talk to your doctor. Thanks


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