Cold Brew Tea

What is cold brew tea every company is misleading their customer by changing their packaging with big bold "Cold Brew" tea just like cold brew tea is different breed of tea , which is not true at all .

Cold Brew tea is just like regular tea leaf we been using only difference between cold brew and hot brew is the method of brewing. Tea is generally made out of dry tea leafs(camellia sinensis ) or dry fruits or herbs. Any dehydrated product if you add cold and hot water it will hydrate. People using hot brewing methods for years it is quick and it helps tea leaf to leave their flavor more quickly. We prefer hot brewing because tea is treated with pesticides(organic or chemical ) heavily during growing process . Hot water might spoil if any contamination still left in the dry tea leafs .

For cold brew tea regular room temperature water is used to brew the tea, it takes longer hours to brew the same tea  can be brewed  within 2-3 minutes by using hot brewing method.

There is  slight taste difference between cold brew and hot brew tea . Cold brew gives mild taste  while hot brew give  little strong taste.  Suggestion will be for blended tea(has herbs, lemon zest) if you have time use cold brew method ,we have observed you get the most taste of herbs. Cold brew green tea is less bitter.  For plain tea like black straight  tea, white tea hot brewing method makes a good cup of tea.



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